UMG Foundation
A Humanitarian Infrastructure Project Funding Organization    JAF Box 8344, New York City 10116    

UMGF Project Grant Information


UMG Foundation is a Delaware registered non-profit organization that is promoting 750 cultural 30 days Poetry-on-Canvas exhibition/festivity tour events in partnership with city public parks departments and universities in parks/fairgrounds/campuses in 49 states/USA and Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, Japan, China, South Africa, Jamaica, Trinidad, Euro Zone and Latin America over the next 5 years, starting in July, 2008. Corporate donations and revenue-sharing receipts obtained by UMGF from this PoC cultural enterprise shall be donated to humanitarian projects.

City Parks Departments and non-profit entities applying for public park/university campus improvement grants; likewise infrastructure project development grants will be considered when they are received by UMG Foundation. Disbursements of $1M - $5M shall be made to different public parks/fairgrounds and university campuses that host PoC annual event tours on their property. In grant requests regarding public parks and university campuses, UMGF’s 30-year annual PoC cultural exhibition/festivity event tour partnerships with city parks departments and university campuses incorporates annual $1M - $5M grants (depending on property size) after each 30-day event is convened, starting in 2008.

In grant requests regarding infrastructure project development for W/Africa and the Caribbean regions, including: telecommunications, Internet technology, thermal/hydroelectric power generation, biotechnology, potable water systems, farming techniques, railroad systems, transportation systems, roads/bridges and educational system extensions, such financial grants may average $100MM. This may be in addition to supporting grants that shall be made in the interest of essential community initiatives and programs, namely: school bus/meal programs, school construction programs, medical centers, HIV/AIDs centers, ambulance services, public parks facilities, recreational facilities, the performing, visual and literary arts, library facilities et al. All such financial grants shall be determined in cooperation with governments of recipient countries, starting in 2009. The Kabbalah Center shall be provided with extensive financial grants to assist UMGF in its humanitarian projects/programs in W/Africa/Caribbean.