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Magnus Opus


Contemporary Romantic/Poetic Letters




3000 contemporary romantic/poetic letters created equally for romantically-inclined readers and intellectuals’ reading pleasure

This Magnus Opus introduces the new standard and paradigm of contemporary romantic love letters. It’s the Bible of contemporary first person singular romantic narratives and expressions for lovers everywhere



{ Manuscript Extracts }

The Magnus Opus poetic work will not be published in a book. It can only be read at
Poetry-on-Canvas exhibition/festivity events in parks/campuses nationwide/overseas


Love In My Soul - Reflection s11a29

I am as hungry for female love just as a helpless, starving
child is hungry for food; I am so thirsty for female affection
just as an addicted wine-head is for alcoholic brew
I am just so needy of female warmth much like a homeless
vagrant is in need of some measure of warmth after always
being left out, night after night, in the winter’s cold
I’m suffering from want of female compassionate embrace
just like a ship-wrecked sailor, lost at sea, and is suffering
from years of no female warmth; no soft  female touch
I have been denied female companionship inhumanely for
so long as if I am a prisoner, securely locked away for life;
I’m so hungry for female love-passion like an unfed hermit
voluntarily chained to his silly, senseless isolation
So lady of much refine beauty; woman of my desire; will
you give me a little of your wasting love; your unattended
love; I need to feel I’m still alive and not yet dead
Could you share with me some of your excess love you no
longer need; I do want to find out what is the extent of the
depth of love in me that I need to give to womankind
So will you allow me to share my wasted love with you; I
need to give it to a female deserving of this love in me and
not just any female, so I really want to give it to you
Will you permit me to unburden my loving affection firmly
on you only, causing me to expose the depth of a nurtured
love within my mortal core that have no caring soul
Can you allow me to taste and feel true love, jut once; only
once in my life before I fold up and die; and simply rot into
worms; because a loveless nobody, I’m tired of being
I have served my purpose on this land in whatever duty to
mankind in all the ways that I could, and all but genuinely
forgot about loving; so before it gets too late for me
Before I am too far gone to love anyone; before I turn too
frail, weak, old and gray; before the light is turned off in
me; before life, romance and love forget about me
Before I enter the last mile of life and approach my grave,
will you permit me just once to taste loving you and give
some worth, value and meaning to my loving ways
I feel genuine love and affection acting up and stirring up
and taking hold deep, deep down inside of me; but I need to
taste it even once, between you and me; only once; and if
you feel you no longer need me, I will never be mean
But give me just a little of your gentle love; even once; and
no more, if you find I do not deserve it; just once, if you are
unsure I’ve not earned it; if you feel I’m unworthy of it
So give me only the debris of your love you often discard or
waste on worthless men; just once, and no more, if I do not
respect it; only once, once, once if I don’t worship it
Just give me all the refuse of your love that means little or
nothing to you that you often just throw away, day after day;
night after night; and I’ll cherish it till the day I’m dead
So please, please, please, woman, give me anything of your
love you no long need that I can call my own; just this once;
I do need to taste what love is before I leave this land
Can you give me little of your love; I need to know where I
stand; I do love you; I want you in my arms; in my embrace;
in my mind; in my soul, so I need to forever keep loving you
while there’s still life left in me; if only this once; only once.

---Franklyn  – Magnus Opus Publication

Look Into My Eyes - Reflection s3a.107

Look, look, look into my eyes; tell me what is
now there to see; just look into my heart and
figure out what’s now left to hurt in me
Simply look, look into my soul and explain to
me, dear man, what is really left of me
Tell me, tell me dear man – what of the love
we cherished; what of the love we nurtured
to last, last forever, till life ceases to be
Where were I when your love slipped away
and quietly left me; where were I when your
heart took leave of me; where were I when
you needed no other woman but me
Where, where, where were you when sorrow,
grief, suffering, pain, torture, agony invaded
my heart, leaving me emotionally dead  
You told me I must love you, love you, love
you always – forever; you told me another
love you will never, never have – ever
You told me till death do us part – you said
it meant forevermore; I did believed you, I
could see no deceptions; I felt no doubts; no
misdeeds; I saw no misleading deeds
So my heart refused to see you for what you
were: wanting in humanity; still, I gave and
gave and gave until I gave you my all:
My love; my life; my entire being; my very
soul; there simply were nothing left to give;
nothing, nothing, nothing was ever left
Now, here I am - alone, deeply frightened,
afraid, virtually dying from want of love-
emotion, love-passion, love-security; I am
minus the very love I thought I had
And today it’s nowhere, nowhere, nowhere
to be found, anywhere, ever for me
Still I have shades of youth left inside of
me: a few more youthful years are left still,
but cruel love has taken its vicious toll
In pieces I am; in shambles I am; sad and
miserable wreck I am; now I’ll always be
judged for unpleasant things I chose not to
ever do, and have never done to you
It is always said, such grief is the price we
shall pay for ill-advised love; unkind love;
unsuitable love; misguided love we never,
never, never, never, ever plan to have
You always declared, affirmed, promised
just to be different: never to ever leave me 
a destitute from love we developed, grown,
nurtured; built never to be undone
You said you would never, never, simply
never leave me alone, exposed, rejected or
unprotected, in this hard, ungodly, brutish,
cold world of misery, grief, suffering, pain,
sorrow, torture and ugly degradation
It is a world that genuinely seems fit only
for lost souls, as I have now become
It’s a world precisely made for the dying,
dejected, dead, buried and the living dead;
gladly given to me as I am just about dead.

--Franklyn – Magnus Opus Publication

Take Me! Woman - Reflection s11a47

Should you care to take a long, good look at me, you might
surely see that I am being battered and beaten up by the hot
sun; I’m being ill-treated by the fierce northeast trade winds;
I am truly being thoroughly abused by the pouring rain
Should you ever stand near to me and listen, listen, listen you
could hear the audible sound of my heart hurting from want
of love; you could hear my desire quarreling with itself in not
having love; and even fussing with me about lack of love
Should you happen to engage me in conversation, you could
discover that I’m the loneliest soul in this whole wide world;
you could find out that I am inordinately sentimental; you’ll
easily conclude that loving is the most needed thing missing
in my life; and giving affection is critical to my sanity
You could also understand some of the conflicts taking place
inside of me; hearing my emotions telling my heart to play it
safe and please stay out of the way of my feelings; but never
to disengage; only stay put; be neutral in this love thing
You could duly discover my loving sentiments dictating to my
feelings to stay out of the way; but do not go away; just hang
around and never interfere with any of my loving ways
You might likewise come to determine that there’s a constant
debate truly going on between my heart, my emotions, my
feelings, my sentiments, my sensibilities in respect to endless 
love I’ve for this beautiful woman I really can’t ignore
You will undoubtedly come to the firm conclusion in respect
to the ceaseless conversation that is constantly taking place
inside of me among my love-induced constituents, that I am
but head over heels and totally in love with this woman
They are simply attempting, trying, endeavoring to arrive at
a reasonable and acceptable consensus about accepting this
extremely pretty woman I happen to love to death, but who
thinks nothing of me, irrespective of my deep love of her
It seems, or may just be possible that I have already become
toast; that I’ve long crossed the ultimate threshold of having
curable love; love feelings; as I offer love to this female who
seems to care nothing about me, just as if I’m only a stone in
the ground that females of every kind simply trod upon
It might just be possible that I’ve exceeded the profoundest
depth of love and loving ever known to man; and I am now
skating on thin ice with this love thing that’s just dumb
It could simply be possible that I have unknowingly crossed
over the threshold of love viability; love acceptability; love
quality required to allow normalcy and sanity to prevail in a
man’s deep need of a woman to remain calm in manner
It may just become possible that my love of this woman has
become a pernicious impediment to my health; my judgment;
my reasoning; my tender love-participating emotions
While indicating I’m still capable of emotional pyrotechnics
which may ultimately lead to the preparation of emergency
actions, if not merely to save me from my sure self-inflicted
demise, then to permanently bind up my love wounds
Inescapably, I’m in haste to doom myself inextricably into a
dubious and suicidal affair that has nurtured a cul-de-sac as
the only available escape path for my frivolous, meaningless,
pointless romantic pain, fabricated by my love-illness
So, I turn to you, lady, with whom I am in love, simply to ask
of you, what victims always ask of their dominators to truly
give some sense of closure to whatever the suffering: will you
permit me to indulge you in love, before loving you kills me.

---Franklyn  – Magnus Opus Publication