UMG Foundation
A Humanitarian Infrastructure Project Funding Organization    JAF Box 8344, New York City 10116    

UMGF Financial Obligation to Park/Campus

Financial Responsibility:
UMGF shall assume, in the interest of the city/campus, all the insurance risks and financial responsibilities in respect to the occupation of the allowed and prescribed section of the park allotted to the organization for its 30 consecutive day exhibition and with special emphasis on the 7 opening hours from 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM daily (No financial risk to the city/campus is necessary).
24/7 security services will be provided to all advertisers by UMGF (within its 7 opening and closing hours), namely: between 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM and during and after closing hours at each 30-day exhibition event, nationwide (No city/campus service is required)
Sanitation Facilities:
Sanitation facilities will be made available to advertisers, food vendors and the general public at no cost (No city/campus service is required)
Grounds Maintenance Provision:
Cleaning and refuse pick up will be made available throughout the day and during the PoC 7 opening hours between 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM at all 30-day PoC exhibition venues (No city/campus service is required)
Tent Assembling/Disassembling:
All PoC Tent facilities will include erection and disassemble by in-house crews at no cost to product display vendors and advertisers
Advertisers Sample Product Storage Only:
The PoC exhibition is a cultural event and not a trade fair and should not be confused otherwiseNo advertiser shall be authorized and permitted to store merchandize and products or conduct sales trade in the park under any condition whatsoever, apart from the food venders. Advertisers are permitted to only take and record product/merchandize orders at all PoC events. Only product samples storage facilities shall be made available to advertisers at no cost to store only their product display items
Power Supply:
Light and power access and supply will be made available to product display advertisers and food vendors for 7 hours during each PoC 30-day event from 4pm - 11pm daily at each park location (City/campus to provide only the legal source of electricity to UMGF)
Water Supply:
Water supply access will be made available to product vendors and food vendors and the general public for 7 hours during the hours of 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM for the duration of the 30-day PoC event at all park locations (City/campus to provide only the legal source of supply).