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Arthur and Delilah
A daily 30-Day entertainment drama series developed and produced from Magnus Opus – Volume-One material
The Arthur & Delilah material is extracted from Magnus Opus – Volume-One, comprising 3,000 poems. It shall provide inexhaustible material to sustain and keep the show innovative, interesting and fresh
All Arthur & Delilah scene/cast will remain originals and never become repeats.
Arthur and Delilah

(The plight of contemporary lovers)

Daily 30-Day Episodes


A Poetry-on-Canvas Mini-Series Drama Production
Multiple innovatively compelling and varied daily episodes to be performed daily over each 30-day event produced from the Magnus Opus of 3000 newly composed and unpublished contemporary romantic/poetic letters.
Extracts from the Magnus Opus provides material for Arthur & Delilah play.
Written By: Franklyn
(Pre-Production Manuscript) 
(The A&D play is designed to become extremely flexible to fit any given 30-day PoC exhibition/festivity event tour public park/campus venue)
A PoC mini-series drama production - The plight of contemporary lovers

Arthur and Delilah
                (Arthur chasing after Delilah is a 30-day PoC mini-series drama production in the park)         
Show Scenes Sequence and Production Overview
Concept and Perennial Theme of the Show:
  • Daily 30-day Poetry-on-Canvas event shows of Arthur & Delilah, comprising fresh drama productions in 49 states/overseas
  • Each A&D performance shall last for 75 minutes and comprise one 15-minute segment and one 60-minute segment
  • Each daily 60-minute segment shall showcase a different A & D scene, i.e: o Bar scene. o Dining scene. o Park scene o Love scene. o Party scene. o Birthday scene. o Competition for Delilah scene. o Wedding scene et al.
  • There shall be 72 rotating regular cast members and 30 guest-star appearances participating in the shows over each 30-day PoC event and proposed for 245 city venues, nationwide and 505 city venues overseas over the next 5-year promotional period
  • There shall be 30 rotating Arthurs played in the daily shows over each PoC 30-day event by ethnically diverse male cast members; at each venue; aspiring male actors randomly selected from the audience will be invited to join the cast
  • There shall be 30 rotating Delilahs played in the daily shows over each PoC 30-day event by ethnically diverse female cast members; at each venue; aspiring female actresses randomly selected from the audience will be invited to join the cast
  • Arthur will have at his disposal a collection and the ammunition of 3,000-poems to aid his amorous repertoire in winning Delilah’s heart
  • Each A&D show’s full cast shall average 6 members and randomly selected and invited guest audience members
  • The 30-day PoC/A&D shows are planned for convening at the same public park/fairground/university campus venues annually.
30-Day Episode Materials for the Two Scenes per 75 Minutes:
The main event: A 60-minute romantic oratory by Arthur in efforts to win Delilah’s heart through the heft of his amative vocabulary. Each of 5# daily plays scheduled at each PoC 30-day venue shall be played by 5 ethnically diverse Arthurs and 5 ethnically diverse Delilahs daily and supported by different misenscenes, ambience, lighting and stage configurations.
Arthur and Delilah
(A Love Drama Series)
Act One of the Two Scenes
Each day of the 30-day PoC event, 3 aspiring comics or aspiring poets (of any genre) will be allowed to showcase their material in the first 15 minutes (5-minutes each) of the show to the audience. Aspiring talents will be pre-selected online from among ethnically diverse applicants.
(This segment shall consume 15 minutes of the allotted 75-minutes show).
Act Two of the Two Scenes
Each day of the 30-day PoC event, the stage background setting, lighting and scenic ambience is changed to accommodate Arthur’s various types of love-based advances while he is constantly chasing after Delilah to win her love with his poetic overtures. Delilah is constantly unsure or partly disinterested about accepting Arthur’s love advances. Arthur shall tirelessly utilize his vast poetic repertoire to convince and win over Delilah.
(This segment shall consume 60 minutes of the allotted 75-minute show)
(Extract from Arthur & Delilah Manuscript)
Episode #5 - Script: 5 of 48
(Setting: Re-acquaintance at a party)
Arthurand Delilah
(Arthur chasing after Delilah: A daily 30-day PoC mini-series drama production in the park)
Scene #5 of 48 (Dialogue Scene):
It’s now futile effort to try to rescue me from the imposed condescension of disgrace of which my detractors, my accusers’ efforts are fully visible in questioning my suitability for this civilized society. I am defined as an ugly ensemble and existence of unending fictitious crimes, perpetrated by my dark skin, so I am permanently labeled.


Being black, most of the times, try as one may, there’s absolutely no way of avoiding becoming some District Attorney and/or policeman’s custom-made criminal jackpot. The law enforcement complex, being a microcosm and reflection of the general society, its judgment is likewise skewed by unavoidable human predispositions: habit, bias, vanity, anxiety, anger, narrow-mindedness, jealousy, envy.

Delilah: What am I to make of this disdainful plight in which you are now immersed? I can only lend you my ears, my understanding, my empathy, my heart-felt sympathy, my undistracted attention.
I am indicted due to the fact of the color of my skin. I am an accused who has industriously fabricated his innocence for crimes not yet committed. My innocence: it is now unrelentingly being questioned and I am diminished in every effort I attempt to make to defend myself against fictitious and imagined crimes. The law and the legal system has become an effective tool of baseless manipulation and self-serving promotions for its biased enforcers


I am unable to infect the law enforcement accusers with the germ of integrity, honesty and non-self-serving advancements heaped upon the backs of the underprivileged.Casual observations will expose the collective system to have credentials supporting years of exploiting the inability of the accused to ever realistically defend oneself. These cold facts could greatly trouble people less interested in cheerleading, self-promotion, insincerity.

I share that discomfort with many so-called sensible, concerned and civilized people. The presence of bias, disrespect and superiority complex of all sorts are always, always, always there. They’re everywhere. One need not search for it, happen on to it, or create it. It’s always, always there…everywhere in society.
As a person apparently cursed with colored skin, of which I know not why this should be so, I am less immune each day to becoming the subject of coarse and offensive criminal generalizations. Equally, the law enforcement complex is not immune to primacy of departmental silence, self-interest and the impulse to deceive and betray the truth, just as easily and readily without reflection, as a rapist violates the virtue and privacy of a woman’s body.


The law enforcement complex comprises a strange set of folks whose hearts subconsciously reject compassion, forgiveness, redemption, empathy under all conditions;while in equal haste, effects punishment for the innocent as well as the guilty. Any effort at self-defense is always viewed as baseless, unmerited and self-serving. A sick system must never be permitted to define the terms of one’s  humanity, integrity, civility, ethics, morals, credibility. It is not welcome news in the polite company of the educated, elite and ruling class who prefers to have no quarrel with the justice system that’s readily  perpetrating and imposing its injustice upon the defenseless.

Nothing that demands a display of our deeper humane qualities, regardless of its complications, offer immediate personal benefits when it calls for our attention, therefore,we must unerringly be driven by duty to humanity. It’s also said that no moral wrong that is worth correcting is completed in our lifetime. Therefore, we must be saved by hope, perseverance and commitment. Nothing true and beautiful makes complete sense in any context of history. Therefore, we must be saved by faith, belief and conviction. Nothing we do, no matter how meaningful and virtuous, can be accomplished alone. Therefore, we must be saved by love, empathy, compassion and altruism
So I am now being implored to take comfort in your words. But to the extent that the greater society and the law enforcement machine sees the black man as evil, valueless and untrustworthy, they shall undoubtedly regard themselves as the just enforcers, a desire rooted in the Puritan vision of establishing a new Eden in a misguided world. All enforcers regard their causes as just, and all demonize their enemies, while seeing themselves as nothing but good and righteous, capable of no wrong. Calculated brutish actions by the legal system against black males seem like needed commonsense, but the exact same legal actions against the majority race are definitively intrusive, vile and unwarranted. With that prevailing mindset, the law inherently is erring on the side of excess.
I am of the majority race that you now ask for answers. Arthur, I don’t know how to cease or appease such an injustice…to be continued at PoC events in Public Park and on university campus venues, nationwide/overseas…..