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PoC General Event Venue Information

The Poetry-on-Canvass cultural exhibition/festivity event tours offer a cluster of tents to accommodate various commercial activities, including: 1) Available corporate products. 2) New Product/Innovation. 3) Aspiring musical artists’ album. 4) Celebrity artists’ album/product. 5) Banner ads display inside/outside tents. 6) New fashion display. 7) Next season’s fashion preview. 8) Advertisers’ free prize display. In addition, PoC offers separate clusters of tents to accommodate and facilitate: aspiring artists; celebrity artists; aspiring fashion models; aspiring comics; aspiring dance groups; aspiring actresses/actors; aspiring performers et al. The various categories of activities incorporated in each PoC event, includes:

Product Advertising Facility

New Product/Services Display Launch:

  • New general products introduction
  • New general services introduction
  • Seasonal products introduction
  • Regional products introduction
  • New inter-regional fashion fad exposé

New Fashion Display Launch:

  • Fashion designer fashion introduction
  • Department stores product introduction
  • Boutique stores fashion innovations

Next Season’s Fashion Display:

  • Fashion designer upcoming fashion preview
  • Department stores upcoming product preview
  • Boutique stores upcoming fashion previews

New Record Exposé Launch:

  • Celebrity artist new record/album
  • New artist record/album
  • Records in: rock, rap, jazz, classical, opera,reggae, country, calypso, salsa et al

Free Advertiser Prize Offers:

  • Advertiser’s standard product prizes
  • Advertiser’s seasonal product prizes
  • Advertiser’s new products launch prizes

Advertiser Product Discount Offers:

  • Fashion products price mark-downs
  • Post-season fashion price reductions
  • Overstock product clearance sales
  • Seasonal product discount sales

New Talent Exposé

Aspiring Singer Launch:

  • Aspiring singer provided national/global cost-free exposure
  • Rock, hip-hop, jazz, classical, opera, reggae, country, calypso, salsa, bossa nova et al singers

Aspiring Actress/Actor Launch:

  • Aspiring actress/actor provided national/global exposure
  • Permanent acting position in Arthur & Delilah play-in-the-Park

Aspiring Writer Launch:

  • Aspiring authors provided national/global cost-free exposure
  • Struggling writers provided national/global cost-free exposure

Aspiring Female Model Launch:

  • Fashion Models needed for Skin+Body Calender
  • Fashion models needed for FashionMail